Patch Notes

Death Knight

02 December 2019

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- A new class has been added — Death Knight;
- Only male characters can become Death Knight;
- The new class is available for three races — Humans, Elves and Dark Elves;
- Death Knight’s basic race stats:

Basic Stats Humans Elves Dark Elves
STR 40 40 41
DEX 40 40 41
CON 40 40 41
INT 40 40 41
WIT 40 40 41
MEN 40 40 41

New skills for the Death Knight class have been added.

* Death Knights require special points to use some skills - Death Points (DP);
* A special visual effect is applied to a Death Knight character when they have Death Points;
* Death Points bar (in purple color) is located in the Character Status box under the Mana Points bar;
* Death Points are earned through attack and basic skills usage;
* Death Points maximum number depends on the character’s level;

The Drain Soul skill is available after the 2nd Class Transfer.