Patch Notes


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  • Bleed /Poison Resistance have been added to bosses;
  • the following bosses are now immune to speed reducing effect from the Throw Dagger skill: Zaken, Orfen, Core, Baium, Queen Ant;
  • a new solo-boss has been added level 76 – Pet Legion’s Master Atingo, which appears in a random place in the following zones: Plains of the Lizardmen, Dragon Valley, Tower of Insolence (floors 1-5), Orc Barracks;
  • there can be 1 boss in each zone at the same time (i.e. 4 in all zones);
  1. With a certain chance, Atingo summons one of the pets or a Sin Eater. The summoned minions are invincible for 10 seconds. The invincibility is removed at once when Atingo is dead;
  2. If Atingo has summoned a pet, then a character will receive a sealed necklace to summon the pet as a trophy;
  3. If Atingo has summoned a Sin Eater, a character may get various items as a reward, but there’ll be no necklace;
  4. The chance of summoning a pet are significantly lower than the chance of summoning a Sin Eater;