Patch Notes


New Hunting Zones

Antharas' Lair (World Session Zone)

  • a special world hunting zone: Antharas' Lair (World Session Zone) has been added;
  • world hunting zones are special zone to hunt together with players from other servers;
  • it’s possible to enter the zone at certain times only;
  • entrance is available via special hunting zone interface;
Hunting zone name Antharas' Lair (World Session Zone)
Entry time


(reset every week)

Character level 80 and above
Mobs level 85
Time of access from 6.00 p.m. till 0.00 server time
Basic time of stay (min.) 420
Time extension (min.) Up to 2520
Item to extend time Antharas' Lair Time Stone
Entrance fee 10,000 Adena
  • Antharas' Lair Time Stone can be obtained from monsters 79-80 level in the Tower of Insolence;
  • the following command channel bosses are available in the zone:
  1. Antharas’ Avatar Monster is available from 10.00 p.m. till 10:30 p.m. (server time). When the boss appears, the ground starts shaking;
  2. Antharas’ Follower Karim is available every hour from 10 minutes to any hour till 20 minutes past that hour (for example, from 6.50 till 7.20 server time);


  • a player can get the following items as trophies from the bosses:
  1. Recipe: Flame Sword’s Blade and Recipe: Death Knight’s Flame Sword;
  2. Dragon Blood: material required to create Death Knight’s Flame Sword (for more info, see Items);
  3. Dye Powder: Can be exchanged for Best Dye Pack.
  4. Grade A armor and weapon;


  • to leave Antharas' Lair, a character should first leave the common monster-inhabited territory and get to the peaceful zone, and then return to his own server;
  • scrolls of escape from the zone can only be used inside Antharas' Lair;
  • the functions of exchange, trade and item upgrade are limited in the zone;
  • dead characters will be resurrected at the entrance on the peaceful territory;
  • Antharas' Lair is a zone with Earth attribute;
  • in Antharas' Lair the effect increasing speed can be obtained (+50) by passing through vortex “arches”; the effect lasts for 10 seconds and is cast every time a character moves near the vortex.

Alligator Island (special zone)

  • a special (session) hunting zone has been added – Alligator Island;
  • PvP is available in the zone;
  • having teleported to the zone, your character can talk to NPC Deton, in order to teleport to a different part of the zone;
  • every hour a Shining Treasure Chest appears in the zone, containing items to replenish random craft bar.
  • Alligator Island is a zone with Water attribute.
Hunting zone name Alligator Island (special zone)
Character level 60 and above
Mobs level 70-80
Basic time of stay (min.) 60
Time extension (min.) Up to 180
Item to extend time Alligator Island Time Stone
Entrance fee 200 L-coins
  • Alligator Island Time Stone is not available to obtain yet.

Changed Hunting Zones

Cruma Tower

The hunting zone has been changed:

  • at the entrance to Cruma Tower there’s an NPC called Ivory Tower Wizard Carsus. Characters need to talk to him in order to use an elevator to move between the floors;
  • teleportation and My Teleports cannot be used inside Cruma Tower. If the game is restarted, the character will be moved to the closest township;
  • now Cruma Tower is a zone with Fire attribute;
  • some constructions have been removed from the 2nd and the 3rd floors of the tower;
  • now the zone is dwelt by monsters of the following levels:
  1. Cruma Tower, 3rd floor: monsters level 65-70
  2. Cruma Tower, 2nd floor: monsters level 71-75;
  • Raid Boss Core remains unchanged;
  • Orcish Treasure, Orc King’s Treasure, evolution stones, B-grade equipments and materials for crafting them can be obtained as trophies from the monsters;
  • Clan Stronghold Device should be captured (the effect is only available to members of the clan which captured Clan Stronghold Device) in order to get the effect with XP bonus and SP +15%;
  • if Clan Stronghold Device (previously owned by no one) is captured, the emblem and the title of the owning clan are shown above it;
  • having captured Clan Stronghold Device, characters can get a buff if they talk to the Device;
  • the captured Clan Stronghold Device can be destroyed by attacks. In such a case the Device will reappear in 5 seconds, so it could be captured;
  • Clan Stronghold Device is activated at 9.50 a.m. and p.m. (server time), and at 10.00 a.m. and p.m. They get the status of owned by no one.


Additional changes

  • now when a caster and a servitor attack monsters together, guardian monsters appear only as a response to the caster’s actions;
  • the location and the amount of monsters in such zones as Plains of the Lizardmen and Silent Valley has been changed;
  • the location of some monsters in Dragon Valley has been changed;
  • now the monsters from the following hunting zones: Sea of Spores, War-Torn Plains, Plains of Glory, Silent Valley, Enchanted Valley, Fields of Massacre, Plains of the Lizardmen, can drop B-grade armor and spellbooks of each type;
  • the chances of getting the Burn effect obtained when hunting special monsters on Primeval Island, have been changed;
  • the power of active skills and the effects of passive skills of some monsters in the Tower of Insolence have been changed;
  • monster levels in the following locations have been increased: Tower of Insolence: 6th floor, Orc Barracks (all monsters); Dragon Valley (monsters: Maluk Succubus Turen, Cave Maiden, Cave Servant Captain, Cave Keeper, Cave Banshee, Dragon Bearer Warrior, Dragon Bearer Archer).
  • Curse of Zaken is not effective on Devil’s Isle anymore;
  • There are no more PvP zones in Orc Barracks.