Patch Notes


Pets have been added to the game:

  • pets are the animals that help the character during the fight;
  • pets can use special items and skills;
  • there are 6 types of pets: Wolf, Buffalo, Tiger, Kookaburra, Dragon, Hawk;
  • each pet has unique skills;
  • it is possible to check the stats, skills and other information about the pet with help of the special interface;
  • pets can level up together with the character, get exp from hunting. They can also evolve and become stronger;
  • it is possible to summon pets not only in hunting zones, but also in dimensional zones, Olympiad and time zones;
  • it is important to feed the pet, in contrast to the servitors; they won’t obey if they are hungry;
  • it is possible to summon pets with the help of special items that shall be present in the character’s inventory.

Obtaining and summoning the pet

  • It is necessary to kill Atingo boss and his pet to receive an item that makes it possible to summon the pet. The item that can be obtained depending on the pet summoned by Atingo. The list of the needed items is stated below:
Pet Type Item
Kookaburra Kookaburra Necklace
Tiger Tiger Necklace
Wolf Wolf Necklace
Buffalo Buffalo Necklace
Hawk Hawk Necklace
Dragon Dragon's Necklace
  • the pet is summoned with help of the Necklace and is recalled with the skill “recall a pet”.
  • there are some restrictions for the pet summoning:
  1. it is possible to summon only one pet;
  2. the pet can be summoned together with the servitor;
  3. the pet cannot be summoned during the battle;
  4. the pet disappears and cannot be summoned if the character flies on Wyvern.
  • if the pet takes part in a fight, he receives exp and levels up;
  • if the level of the pet is higher than the one of the character on 20+ levels, the character can’t control him;
  • if a pet  is summoned, a couple of special panels appear: the one which shows Beast Soul/Spirit Shots and the one to manage a level of the pet’s HP for the automatic potions usage;
  • it is important to feed the pet, when the pet is summoned he becomes hungry, especially during the fight;
  • if the pet’s satiety is lower than 50%, the penalties are being applied;
  • it is not possible to unsummon the pet if his satiety level is lower than 1%;
  • if satiety level reaches 0, the pet will stop fighting and it won’t be possible to control him;
  • it is possible to replenish the satiety level with Pet Food. The item can be put to the shortcut of the character and can be used automatically;
  • if a level of the pet is higher than the one of the monster on 11 and more, neither the character nor the pet get EXP and drop;
  • a set of positive effects (such as Shield, Might etc., except for the unique class buffs) are inflicted on the pets automatically;
  • Sayha’s Blessing has an effect on the pet;
  1. if the character doesn’t have Sayha’s Blessing, the pet also receives penalties from it’s absence; 
  2. when the character receives EXP, Sayha’s Blessing is being consumed according the number of EXP that was received by him;
  3. when the EXP is being received only by the pet, Sayha’s Blessing is being consumed according the number of EXP that was obtained by the pet;
  • if the pet dies, he doesn’t lose EXP, however, the character gets debuff. If he dies again, debuff increases. If the character summons another pet,  If the character summons another pet, the debuff will be applied to the new one;
  • if the dead pet is summoned, his HP/MP restore;
  • if the character that has summoned the pet dies, his pet is being unsummoned automatically.

Pet Items

  • weapon, helmet, upper body, lower body, gloves, shoes, necklace, rings, and earrings (it is possible to use no more than 2 rings and 2 earrings) of the character can be equipped on the pet;
  • augmented weapon, event items, time-limited equipment received for the training can’t be equipped on the pet;
  • shields, symbols, pendants, agathions/talismans bracelets, attribute necklaces can’t be equipped on the pet;
  • it is not possible to use the active skills of the weapon equipped on the pet;
  • the pet uses basic attack, no matter which type of weapon is equipped;
  • Some equipment items do not give the same stats as stated in their descriptions, the final stats are calculated based on a special formula different from that of a character's one.
  • P. Accuracy, Atk. Speed, P. Critical Rate are fixed, despite the type of equipped weapon;
  • there is a type of weapon that fits each pet:
Pet Type Weapon Type
Kookaburra Rapier/Blunt
Tiger Dagger
Wolf Dual Sword/Fist Weapon
Buffalo Blunt/Spear
Hawk Bow
Dragon Sword/Ancient Sword
  • pets can use Beast Soulshots/Spiritshots and the special potions that can be bought from NPC;
  • special NPCs Cooper (Giran) and Lemper (Aden) that sell Beast Soulshots, Beast Spiritshots, Pet Food and Pet's HP Potion have been added to the game;
  • Beast Soulshots, Beast Spiritshots, Pet Food and Pet's HP Potion have also been added to the list of supplies sold by the merchants;
  • Helvetia, Holly, Chortie, Reahen and Mathorn, the Grocers that were previously selling Beast Soulshots and Beast Spiritshots, do not sell them anymore.

Pet skills

  • pets can use special skills:
Pet Skill Skill description When acquired
Kookaburra Magic Missile Inflicts magic damage on the enemy. Automatically

Cannot move for 20 seconds. Increases 
P. Def. and M. Def.. 

Magic Missiles attack multiple enemies.

1st evolution
Tiger Breaking Blaster Strikes with claws the enemy's vital spot. Automatically
Blinking Attack Dashes to the enemy, disappears and reappears behind them. 1st evolution
Beast Within Unleashes the beast power. 2nd evolution
Buffalo Horn Thrust Attacks the enemy, piercing with horns and dealing physical damage. Automatically
Rump Stun Hits the enemy with a rump making them unable to move. 1st evolution
Breath of Hurricane Provokes the enemy to switch the target and attack your pet. 1st evolution
Hawk Arrow Feather Blocks invisibility. Automatically
Quick Jump Approaches to the target very fast. 1st evolution
Dragon Crippling Bite Bites the enemy. Allows to bite twice if used constantly. Automatically
Rushing Assault Increases Speed and Atk. Spd. for 40 seconds. 1st evolution
Wolf Dire Claw Attacks the enemy with sharp claws. Automatically
Leap Attack Rushes to the enemy. 1st evolution
  • Some pet skills are present in the interface but it is not possible to use them (their icons are dark); the books for these skills aren’t available in the game now, they will be added in the next major updates:
  1. Kookaburra: Chain Block, Blocked Target Change;
  2. Hawk: Feather Trap, Trap Explosion, Scout's Strike;
  3. Tiger: Hide, Strong Bite;
  4. Wolf: Last Dire Claw, Giant Wolf;
  5. Dragon: Wild Roar and Dash.
  • Please consider this fact while using the pets’ skills.
  • All the other skills are available in the Fluffy Reinforcement update.

Random Craft System

The following changes were made in the Random Craft system:

  • a chance that Boss Weapon will appear has been increased 5 times;
  • a chance that D-grade equipment will appear has been halved;
  • rare items, such as A-grade Weapon/Armor Coupon, obtaining rate has been increased;
  • Golden Pack won’t appear anymore. All the items that were inside of it will appear as all the others, in a separate cell;
  • from now on, it is possible to get the following items through random craft system:
  1. Ice Crystal Breastplate (Sealed)
  2. Ice Crystal Gaiters (Sealed) 
  3. Leather Armor of Lightning (Sealed)
  4. Leather Leggings of Lightning (Sealed)
  5. Gloves of Silence (Sealed)
  6. Flaming Tunic (Sealed)
  7. Flaming Stockings (Sealed)
  8. Ice Crystal Breastplate
  9. Ice Crystal Gaiters
  10. Leather Armor of Lightning
  11. Leather Leggings of Lightning
  12. Flaming Tunic
  13. Flaming Stockings
  14. Baium's Thunder Breaker
  15. Core's Plasmic Bow
  16. Zaken's Blood Sword
  17. Orfen's Venom Sword
  18. Queen Ant's Stone Breaker
  19. Talisman of Baium
  20. Baium's Ring Lv. 1
  21. Zaken's Earring Lv. 1
  22. Queen Ant's Ring Lv. 1
  23. Orfen's Earring Lv. 1
  24. Ring of Core Lv. 1
  25. Enchanted B-grade Weapon Coupon
  26. Spellbook: Ultimate Death Knight Transformation
  27. Spellbook: Divine Beam
  28. Spellbook: Burning Field
  29. Spellbook: Frozen Field
  30. Spellbook: Lightning Storm
  31. Spellbook: Hell Fire
  32. Book of Light
  33. Book of Shadows
  34. Spellbook: Knight's Help
  35. Spellbook: Amazing Thunder Storm Mastery
  36. Spellbook: Aerial Strike
  37. Spellbook: Elemental Burst 
  38. Brooch Lv. 3
  39. Talisman Bracelets Lv. 3
  40. Agathion Bracelet Lv. 3
  41. Fire Spirit Evolution Stone
  42. Water Spirit Evolution Stone
  43. Wind Spirit Evolution Stone
  44. Earth Spirit Evolution Stone
  45. Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon (Exchangeable)
  46. Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor (Exchangeable)
  47. Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon (Exchangeable)
  48. Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor (Exchangeable)
  49. Tallum Blade*Damascus
  50. Durendal
  51. Éclair Bijou
  52. Shyeed's Bow
  53. Sirra's Blade
  54. Daimon Crystal
  55. Themis' Tongue
  56. Cabrio's Hand
  57. Naga's Storm
  58. Barakiel's Axe
  59. Sword of Ipos
  60. Behemoth' Tuning Fork
  61. Tiphon's Spear
  62. Sobekk's Hurricane
  63. Majestic Sigil
  64. Majestic Sigil (Sealed)
  65. Samurai Long Sword (Sealed)
  66. Demon's Staff (Sealed)
  67. Ecliptic Axe (Sealed)
  68. Eminence Bow (Sealed)
  69. Crystal Dagger (Sealed)
  70. Eminence Bow (Sealed)
  71. Orcish Poleaxe (Sealed)
  72. Katana*Katana (Sealed)
  73. Yaksa Mace (Sealed)
  74. Berserker Blade (Sealed)
  75. Great Pata (Sealed)
  76. Admiral's Estoc (Sealed)
  77. Saber Tooth (Sealed)
  78. Chain Sigil (Sealed)
  79. Full Plate Helmet (Sealed)
  80. Full Plate Boots (Sealed)
  81. Full Plate Gauntlets (Sealed)
  82. Full Plate Armor (Sealed)
  83. Drake Leather Armor (Sealed)
  84. Drake Leather Boots (Sealed)
  85. Drake Leather Gloves (Sealed)
  86. Karmian Gloves (Sealed)
  87. Karmian Boots (Sealed)
  88. Karmian Stockings (Sealed)
  89. Karmian Tunic (Sealed)
  • the field color of the cell will depend on the item that appears in it:
  1. yellow: B-grade items;
  2. blue: A-grade items, brooches, bracelets etc.
  3. red: epic accessories, special armor (Leather Armor of Lightning etc.)
  • from now on, the screen notifications for the whole world won’t appear if the following items are created: all the sealed weapons and A-grade Weapon/Armor Coupons.