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Beta Server Starts 1st February 2021

Live Server Starts 5th of March 2021

5dad70cbb8369_.png.37ef5f9f1367571f9137742b7939b2cf.png.3511f40fbb7e00fda3ec8a208a8e4e2c.png.7cefca774e5710228ffe3b92781b8a05.png.e7391ad02d44f8d566489dbe1cce47d7.png Server Rates and Game Concept:

  • Exp / Sp - x3
  • Adena - x1
  • Attribute Exp - x3
  • Spoil x2
  • Drop rate - x2.0
  • RaidBoss EXP x1 / Drop x2
  • Quest Rates Exp / Sp - x1
  • Auto learn skills : false
  • Complex Alt+B with L2Wiki, Drop calculator and Character View`s Inventory
  • 50 Mana potions on character creation ( mana potions are not tradeable )
  • Auto farm ( You can view range with yellow circle and you can set range up to 2000 )
  • Limited donations, no pay2win
  • L-coin can be obtainable from events (, farm ( 350 L-coin per day per account from farm ) and from donation store
  • Pet system available
  • 40 LvL Welcome Gift Pack Reward ( 2000 Spirit Ore, x3 Limited Sayha`s Blessing 1 day, x200 Soulshot Ticket, x200 Sayha`s Cookie Event, Valakas' Necklace Event,  Enchanted C-grade Weapon Coupon, x50 Scroll: Boost Attack, x50 Scroll: Boost Defense)
  • Sayha`s Support Pack Gift Pack 1 per day per account
  • Character`s Inventory Slots : non dwarf 90, dwarfs 120


Buff.png.28c0655538722977bbef90e0f0d3ccfc.png.65738929062887ccd27dcc13b87c309a.png Buff:

        Self buffs, all characters have self buffs.


1126423673_.png.1a9da5eab9ad41ae728064186f6ae802.png.e36ed33af4120b094a81a04d3b525fa4.png Enchant:

  • MAX Enchant Weapon +16 & Armor +10
  • Secure enchant Weapon & Armor +4



123123111.png.bb17c5d89ea92bea3997a6eda10f9f9e.png.f7153b747c656ae07d957518e36fb6d7.png Profession:


Profession Free & Quest no: (1) (2) (3).


Profession in just 2 clicks.

5dad725878a23_.png.fb849aefd2a64c3941ba487304576aee.png.2becc56cf562aeb80ecb4a32505ab026.png.fd8b061-c4710ebb9a9108b25a0cff.png.37150b13ca0e043a8895c89b54ac8b63.png.1524757cdb9c0dc5515159676c8edf25.png Olympiad:

  • Olympiad period - 1 week
  • 2 hours Olympiad Duration from Monday to Saturday from 20:00 server /time
  • The number of battles required to receive tokens - 10
  • Heroes every Sunday
  • You are not able to hit your olympiad team members
  • 5 Minutes fight delays
  • 30 Fights per day

1864366417_.png.40a9e20a4a06bd9814cfdf7e2a4ea97a.png.eb8b7df82c3775beca3e0483705f0cff.png Clans:

  • The penalty for leaving the clan is 24 hours.
  • The maximum number of people in the clan - 60
  • Clan War system based on new Concept different than Essence, ( If you declare war to a clan and kill 1 member the war will be started, You will be able to see the War Tags on the upper of the name, You can't cancel the clan war if your clan members are in combat mode )

 1746571686_.png.8b02f69c83ec39759836a1a10c4c38d6.png.781435c5205629aad2a85082606f76bd.png Siege:

  • Sieges every Weekend

1264341685_.png.ad433d0b981909bd074ef90db926be74.png.b73794a338a498c3658dc536033ef039.png Epic Boss & Raid Boss:

  • Boss type Respawn time
    Elite 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00, 23:00
    High Elite 22 hours
    Epic bosses

    Queen Ant: 8 hours +/- 1 hour
    Core: 8 hours +/- 2 hours
    Orfen: 8 hours +/- 4 hours
    Baium: 8 hours
    Zaken: 8 hours +/- 6 hours
    Antras: Wednesday, 23:00
    Lilith: Monday and Thursday at 19:00
    Anakim: Tuesday and Friday at 19:00

757349847_.png.0403bd1c8afaa5403fad520e106fbb11.png.7812ff49d59ffcf6870c262b2ef3bbab.png Crafting Points:


Using random creation, you can create various items: weapons, armor, enchant scrolls, epic accessories and other items.
Random creation is available to all classes.
For a random creation, no special recipes or materials are required, only Adena and creation points are needed.

You can use the corresponding button on the additional panel under the map.       1931218825_2.png.ebe192c622eb056922a14924434a8204.png.c0f4c058441674a26a41736ddefa131d.png
Creation points are awarded automatically when you receive items thrown by a monster, they can also be obtained by dismantling an item.

When the scale is 100% full, the character receives 1 creation point.

You can get a maximum of 99 creation points, all points beyond that will not be counted.

If you have 1 crafting point and Adena 10,000 adena, you can update the crafting list.
When randomly created, 500,000 adena Adena is spent, and the character can receive 1 of 5 items from the list. The probability of getting all items is the same.



 1765096914_.png.dcfaff912d3b551eb428d8ccd4259a9c.png.962cf49c5850234ec6f38542fb3dda86.png Magic Lamp:


The Magic Lamp is a system that allows characters to gain additional experience.

The lamp scale fills up when you destroy monsters for which the character gains experience. Experience gained from fishing and from other sources does not affect the scale.
The accumulated percentage cannot be reduced in the event of the death of the character.
When the scale is full, the character will receive a Magic Lamp and can press the "Start Game" button to try their luck and receive one of the rewards.

In a game of luck, one of four possible reward options may appear:

  1. Red Light Experience points +100,000,000, SP +2,700,000
  2. Purple Lantern Experience Points +30,000,000, SP +810,000
  3. Blue Light Experience points +10,000,000, SP +270,000
  4. Green Light Experience points +5,000,000, SP +135,000




L-coins You can get from:

  • Hunting monsters.
  • Participating in Server Events.
  • Donations

Chances of getting coins from Monsters:

  • Level-30. 2%
  • Level-40. 3%
  • Level-50. 4%
  • Level-60. 4%
  • Level-70. 6%
  • Level-80. 8%
  • Level-84. 10%
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