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1. Insulting GM's - Admins on any public channel is bannable. 

2. Expressions like "Server is dead" or "Leaving Server, free items" or similar is a bannable offense.

3. "WTT items here for other Server" is a Bannable Offense.

4. Selling & Buying items for real money  RMT [Real Money Trade] is a bannable offense.

5. Advertising other servers is a bannable offense.

6. Hacking into any account will lead to being banned immediately. However, players have to be responsible for their own accounts. Gm's will not give back any item if your account was hacked, so if you want to give your login and password to anyone, you do it at your own risk.
7. GM's will NEVER ask you about your account info! If you'll get scammed, hacked, or whatever, it's your own problem and Staff won't take any action. Lost items WILL NOT be given back.

8. As well as trying with programs - interface to create any problem in the game is a bannable offense.

9. We offer support services via Discord and Facebook.

11. The bot is strictly forbidden. 

We reserve our rights to change these terms without warning.

Thank you for your support L2DK Team

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